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Before Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation became part of the global machine tool manufacturer, Gleason Corporation, it was a much smaller operation but just as rich in history and innovation as its future parent company. It began its life in the Rockford area in 1894 as a textile machine manufacturer called Barber Colman Company, the creation of Howard Colman and investor W. A. Barber. Under Colman's leadership, the company became proficient in developing hobs and milling cutters to support the production of its precision machinery. The cutting tool division was established in 1908 when Colman realized the large external market potential for accurate gear cutting tools.Barber Colman went on to even greater advances. Its automatic index cutter sharpener, first marketed in 1919, transformed the tool industry and made the company the leader in the manufacture and servicing of hobs, form cutters and thread milling cutters. In 1982, it was the first U.S. gear tool company to start applying in-house Physical Vapor Deposition wear coatings to extend the life of its tools. This made it a very valuable acquisition candidate for larger companies seeking to expand their capabilities and regional presence. In 1987, a limited liability company called Pfauter-Maag bought the cutting tool division of Barber Colman. It became Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation after Pfauter-Maag was acquired in turn by the Gleason Corporation in 1997.Today, Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation is the largest cutting tool operation within the corporation. Its 330 employees specialize in producing high-speed steel and carbide cylindrical and bevel gear tools in its 250,000-square-foot, climate-controlled facility. "We serve a very broad customer base," says Bob Phillips, Senior Vice President of Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation. "Our products range from the very small gears in mechanical instruments to the very large gears used in the wind energy, construction, and mining industries. This facility also provides tools to virtually every automobile transmission manufacturer around the world. We are also the largest milling cutter manufacturer serving the band saw cutter market. We have a full service support team for the tools used in the gear industry."Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation's long history of providing the highest total value to its customers helps it to maintain its competitiveness in today's business environment. "We have always been considered an industry leader relative to new products, highest quality, and shortest lead-times," explains Phillips. "We dedicate considerable resources aimed to reduce lead-times and improve processing technology and the elimination of waste. We have a fully engaged workforce and a fully committed corporate office that supports reinvestment in new equipment and technology."Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation's more than a century of tenure in the Rockford area is also a source of stability."There are many examples, both currently and in the past, of multiple generations of the same family working here," says Phillips. "We also have many long-term employees because of our low turnover rate. This creates a sense of family within the company. There's strong alignment, commitment, and participation by all levels. Our employees have embraced the importance of continual improvement, increased throughput, and flexibility that allows us to lead our industry."

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