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If you are looking to find a master distributor of electronic accessories, Kathy Granath, CEO and co-owner at L.K.G. Industries, Inc. in Rockford, IL says, "L.K.G. specializes in being a ‘one stop shop' for electronic accessory needs."In December 1988, Wayne and Judy Timpe started L.K.G. Industries after Wayne, having been in the industry his entire adult life, had always dreamed of owning his own company. According to Granath, "He left GC Electronics in August, 1988 and formed the corporation. The company is named after his 3 daughters, Lisa, Kathy, and Gail." The other co-owners are Granath's sisters, Gail Wheaton, Administrative Assistant at L.K.G., and Lisa Timpe-Johnson, Rehabilitation Manager at OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center.Wayne purchased Philmore Manufacturing located in Inwood, NY. He and Kathy traveled to Inwood and "loaded up the company," moved it to Rockford and opened for business January 2, 1989. Subsequent purchases under the L.K.G. name were: Carter Craft, already in Rockford and selling the same items as Philmore but mainly to a retail customer base, in December 1989. Datak, located in Sparks, NV, was moved to Rockford in March 1993. This company specializes in engineering marking products. Pfanstiehl, located in Waukegan, IL, was moved to the Rockford location in November 2001. The purchase of this company expanded L.K.G.'s line to include car stereo and phonograph accessories. As a master distributor of electronic accessories, L.K.G. Industries, Inc. offers over 12,000 different products including: over 800 different switches, cables for audio/video, computer, telephone, and HDMI, connectors, installation aids, and a complete line of phonograph accessories including needles and cartridges. Granath adds, "We are the leader in special design wall plates which include different finishes with [various] selections of connectors to fill all in-wall installation needs. Most of the wall plates are assembled in-house with the vast selection of wall plates and connectors in our inventory."Currently, L.K.G. Industries, Inc. employs 42 people and utilizes a network of sales representatives covering territories in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. According to Granath, the company's sales are between $6,000,000 and $9,000,000 annually. The majority of their products are from China and Taiwan. When asked what makes the business special, Kathy Granath sums it up, "When our parents started this company, Dad had dreamed of owning his own company. I had just finished college with a degree in Computer Science. He needed someone to work the computers. I have been with the company from the beginning. Over the years Dad's dream has become a family endeavor and has done a lot for our family from day one. It keeps us all involved."

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